My Career Capital


My Career Capital is an innovative career management platform set to disrupt the status quo of performance and career management to empower employers, employees, freelancers, and job seekers to track, manage and plan their career growth all in one place.

Developed by Melbourne-based HR professional and entrepreneur, Julie Dal Santo, the platform allows you to successfully map out and leverage your unique value across your career journey and different employers.

Our platform is completely customisable, offering cutting-edge AI tools, such as ‘Design My Career’ to analyse your skills and experience and suggest upskilling and new career opportunities.

Julie Dal Santo sitting

Our founder

Julie Dal Santo is an experienced coach, and HR and user experience professional with a career spanning more than a decade.  

Concerned about the impacts of misaligned HR systems and with a genuine mission to support people to self-identify and influence their unique value across their entire career journey, Julie set out to develop an innovative digital platform to ensure people have the tools and support they need to successfully grow and manage their own ‘career capital’ - the unique skills, competencies, connections, qualifications and experience gained on-the-job over one’s career. 

Highly driven, action-oriented with a positive, optimistic approach, Julie is passionate about connecting communities and creating a better experience for people in not only their professional lives but also their ‘outside of work’ lives. 

Aside from Julie’s many professional achievements, Julie is most proud of her family. Along with her husband their hands and hearts are full, with three young active children, Jude, Aston and Pia.

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