Built exclusively for you

The platform is full of tools, resources and functionality to help you manage your career capital.

The following snapshots provide a sneak peak of what’s waiting for you!

Personalised dashboard

You’ll have access to an easy-to-use personalised dashboard where you can easily manage your career capital portfolio. The dashboard enables you to focus on the key areas across any point in your career journey that it’s important to monitor and track at any given time.

My job history

Bring together all of your past and present jobs from across your career. In this section you can record job information, upload position descriptions, track your deliverables, share stakeholder feedback, capture your achievements and awards, upload performance appraisals as well and access a downloadable summary of everything you need to help you prepare for future appraisals.

Find My Unique Value

Consider your whole self, including what gets the best out of you, your memorable and questionable experiences, what you are doing now, where you are going next, and what makes you an asset to an organisation. Importantly, where are you headed next? Find My Unique  Value can help you figure it all out!

My Learning

Build and manage your career capital through purposeful and focused attention on your development, experiences and learning. In this section you can track your learning, even your placement hours or CPD points, and effectively manage your network.

My Coaching Tools

These resources are perfect for when something has you stuck! Whether you're not quite sure on how to break into new thinking or you need to reframe something to be able to process it and move forwards - the self-coaching tools can help! 

Generate your resume

If you are active in the job search field, you’ll find all the support you need for this process - which can be time-consuming and stressful. Easily and quickly download an up-to-date resume at the click of a button! You can even draw down on specific and relevant feedback, skills and learning experiences from previous jobs to help you prepare and gain clarity for interviews. Capture and record interview feedback so you can translate it to action for your next interview!